How to Be Prepared in an Emergency: 72 Hour Pack

Nothing makes me feel more anxiety than not being prepared. For anything, but especially in an emergency. This video is part of a series I’m doing on how to be prepared in an emergency so that you can be confident and reassured that you and your family will be covered when and if that emergency comes. Today I’m sharing how to make a 72 hour pack (also known as a bug out bag).

These are helpful if there’s a natural disaster or you need to leave your home in a hurry with the essentials to survive. Might sound drastic, but after helping with a few tornado clean-ups here in Tennessee in the past few years, it seems smart.

Links to items mentioned in the video:

Esbit Folding Pocket Stove

Personal Water Filter

Water Purification Tablets

Camping Utensil Set

Compact First Aid Kit

Good Flashlight


72 Hour Pack Pre-made

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